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Buck Rogers “Old School” Ray Gun

Here is a detailed rendering of a ray gun I modeled after one of my favorite childhood TV Shows: Buck Rogers (Note: I recently went back to reminisce and watched a few of the original episodes [mdash] it did not age well.)

Sunday Doodle

Freehand Eye Sketch

I have gotten into the habit of sketching doodles sunday in church. This is one of those sketches.

King Tut Mask

During my Egyptian Art class, I had the opportunity to put my 3D modeling skills to work. The assignment was to recreate an ancient egyptian art piece in the medium of our choosing. This is my very first attempt at doing a face. Enjoy!

Future City

My final piece in my Creative Perspective class . . . heck, this was my final piece before graduation!  We were to create a 3pt perspective cityscape.

Photoshop “fur brush” Settings

Recently a friend of mine asked me about a special technique that can be used in Photoshop to paint fur. The technique was originally shown to us by an artist at Dreamworks, Richard Daskas. Mr. Daskas used this technique to paint the fur for a concept painting of “Monkey” from Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda, to […]

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