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emotional-ball-feat Aa-ni-ma-shi-ohn

I am currently taking an independent study in animation. This is one of the fruits of that labor! The assignment: come up with a ball who enters the frame in one emotion and exits in another . . . he didn’t quite make it to the exit.

king-tut-all King Tut Mask

During my Egyptian Art class, I had the opportunity to put my 3D modeling skills to work. The assignment was to recreate an ancient egyptian art piece in the medium of our choosing. This is my very first attempt at doing a face. Enjoy!

hairball-refined-all Photoshop “fur brush” Settings

Recently a friend of mine asked me about a special technique that can be used in Photoshop to paint fur. The technique was originally shown to us by an artist at Dreamworks, Richard Daskas. Mr. Daskas used this technique to paint the fur for a concept painting of “Monkey” from Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda, to […]

eye-doodle-all Sunday Doodle

Freehand Eye Sketch

I have gotten into the habit of sketching doodles sunday in church. This is one of those sketches.

14th Aug

The Future Born: Timeline

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I have nailed down an 8 month timeline for completion of “The Future Born” graphic novel.  You can review it below:


Starting in July, this will go to February 2015.

4th Nov

So, I’m writing a Graphic Novel

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Recently, I started to entertain the idea of  creating an animated short film.  Part of what inspired me to do this is a new feature added to Blender, my favorite 3D software, called “Freestyle”.  Freestyle is an outlining tool that generates images with a “2D” look.  Below is an example:

Kitchen by Vicente Carro. © AnigoAnimation

Kitchen by Vicente Carro. © AnigoAnimation

You can read more about this technique, here.

So that started me thinking about a storyline.  As I started coming up with a storyline that I liked, it soon became very evident that maybe an animated short film was not the right scope for this project:  getting together all the voice actors, the folley work (sound), collaborating with a musician, etc.  I saw this project as being more self-contained; more driven by a single vision.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy collaboration.  But for my first project out the gate, I really wanted this to be a solo project.  That’s when the thought occurred to me: “I could make this a Graphic Novel, instead!”  This would grant me the luxury of creating a story more grand in scale, but less daunting in scope — a perfect compromise.

And that brings us to the story: I won’t give much away in this first post; but details will come later, as it progresses along.  For now, the project will go by the title “The Future Born”.  The setting will be fantasy/medieval times.  It will have a little bit of science fiction mixed in: sort of a mashup of the two genres — fantasy and science fiction.

That’s it, for now.  Stay tuned for further reports.


24th Sep

Buck Rogers “Old School” Ray Gun

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4th Jan

Future City

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Well, another semester has come to a close.  And it was a great one!  Which is good, too, because not only was it my last semester of the year, but it was my last semester FOREVER!  Yessir, kiddies, I’m a college graduate!  Which is both good and bad: Good, because I need a break from […]

3rd Jun

Cubist Speed Sketch

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For a class assignment in Art/Propaganda, we were asked to take an item from our apartments and create a cubist artpiece from it, with emphasis on different viewpoints, geometric shapes, etc. I chose to do my M-Audio keyboard. This was a speed sketch done in pen and completed in 20 minutes. I liked the direction so much that I may be turning it into a bonafide painting . . . we’ll see.

5th Sep

Big, Fat Billy Goat-ee

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Stylized goat illustration from Media Experimentation class.

27th Aug

Cute Little Soldier Robot

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This was my first Acrylic Paninting! Very fun to work on. The character was just something that I doodled recently.

27th Aug

Biohazard Lily

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I had the idea for some ironic images. This was my favorite of those ideas. I may do some of the others, but I don’t know. Definitely happy with how this turned out, though.

27th Aug

Still Life

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This was a class final project, Still Life—Oil Painting I

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